Anne-Marie Fitzgerald

28-year-old Irish journalism graduate. Assistant Producer working in documentaries. Print journalist and blogger. Radio presenter and producer.

Ups and Downs and Rural Towns- Part Two

We came back from Thailand happy, tanned and exhausted, rucksacks full of counterfeit goods and minds full of brand new experiences and stories that needed no encouragement whatsoever to be told and retold. Our lovelies picked us up from Gold Coast Airport and we made the short journey to our new home on the lettuce farm. If you’ve been following The Lettuce Diaries since I began writing it, you’ll know all about my time there. If not, this post is a good place to start. I don’t plan on really r

WWOOF said the Irish

Greetings from an anonymous lettuce farm, somewhere in New South Wales, Australia, where the lettuce is lush and profitable and the unpaid workers are plentiful. My new home. Having spent seven months in lovely, laid-back Brisbane, myself, the boyf and our best couple friends decided to make shapes towards getting our second year visa. For those of you who aren’t learned in the ways of the 417 Working Holiday Visa, you have to complete eighty-eight days work in regional Australia in your first